We do what we do, simply because we love it. We love helping women of all ages, broadening their horizons in the wide world of undergarments and most importantly making them feel confident in something that can normally be shrouded with insecurities.

Nursing Bras for the Fuller Figure #1

First up to bat is UK based company, Royce Lingerie. They're a company that dedicates itself to providing completely wirefree styles. I know right? Royce just celebrated its 25th birthday and they are totally about comfort providing a number of different styles from AAA to an L cup! I know right? They're a great brand for starter bras for young teens to larger cup sizes for pregnant women to nursing mommies and specialty bras for ladies who've undergone mastectomies.

Royce English Rose

Initial Try on at 9 months

First few days of nursing

  • Comfy, body still swollen so a little firm in the back, when nursing the sling falls away so there isn't an anchor point to keep breast up for nursing. 

  • Unless I'm supposed to cross the ribbon over which is weirdIt doesn't do anything unless I'm supposed to bring it across diagonally?

  • There was a night where I had this on and I hated it...

  • Took it off, went to the laundry basket and put on another bra from a brand review coming up!

  • The positive is that it has remained pretty firm and I love the cotton lining which is really soft

  • I keep giving this one a chance though. I do love the look of it, especially since it is one of my prettier bras.

  •  I just don't love that it doesn't have the sling when I nurse or pump. 

Royce Pollyanna

Initial Try on at 9 months. 

First few days of nursing

  • Boob spillage on top if too full

  • No stretch like other styles

  • This is going to be a great bra when I'm not as full or weaning

My mission for this blog series is to provide valuable insight for nursing moms with my body type or large breasts. I feel like all my bra fit training and now the life training of being a new mom has been combined for a reason! Be on the lookout for the next review on a tried and true brand as well.


Nursing Bras for the Fuller Figure #2

Nursing Bras for the Fuller Figure