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Nursing Bras for the Fuller Figure

I am a brand new mom! Two weeks in to be exact. And as a new mama (to a growing baby girl), a lingerie addict and a plus size woman...one of my first thoughts besides bringing a human into the world, was how well I'd do with nursing bras. 

I must say in my years of fitting and helping expecting or new moms with maternity/nursing bras, it is quite different when it's your own body. We should all know by now that the average American woman does not possess the ideal beauty standard body. And as the amazing creatures we are, our bodies go through change after change when carrying a child.

Therefore I knew I wanted to provide insight on how nursing bras are in the moment. Online reviews are scarce, pictures are of models expecting but are a E/F cup at most and there's no update on how effective they are if you're nursing.  

What bras really feel like when going home from the hospital...how it performs if you're out and need to feed, how a sleeptank performs when you're half asleep and have to feed in the middle of the night. All of that I wanted to provide a thorough review for the ladies with big ol jugs like me because just when you think "They can't honestly get any bigger than this...." Guess again.

Up first: is UK brand Royce. Gratuitous engorged boobie pics will also be included. 



Nursing Bras for the Fuller Figure #1

The Bra-drobe

The Bra-drobe