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The Bra-drobe

The Bra-drobe

How many bras does a woman actually need?

(Say this in the same cadence of "How many pairs of shoes/purses does one actually need")

Quick backstory first...

When I first identified with actually having breasts, I was in 5th grade. I remember it was picture day and one of the cutest guys in class decided that he would ball up a piece of paper, stuff it down my shirt and say in front of his brethren "grow some". It was as if my puberty was voice activated by him because that’s exactly what happened.

Bra shopping at age 13, a not so kind woman (as mentioned previously) measured me and dismissively declared "You're a 38 triple-E". So I went with what they said and got the ugliest bras I'd ever seen. My only options were a hospital gown-white and a how-can-you-possibly-make-it-uglier-black. Two whole bras that “fit” and a drawer full of others that did not fit at all. But it’s what I had...

My very first bra purchase after learning about the world of proper fit as an adult. I was a 34F Mariette from Fantasie (this is 10 years ago) and I absolutely LOVED this bra. My second was Helena also by Fantasie. These were my go to "sexy", make me feel good,  basic staples.

But I needed more!!! Why you ask??

Well all my shirts weren’t the same, all my dresses had different silhouettes and at the time, I wore a lot of black so the only color I could get in was what I wore underneath.

Here we discuss the importance of the building a bra wardrobe… a “bra-drobe”.

Think about it, those two bras would NOT be able to hold me up for years to come (believe it or not some people expect this). And so my collection grew and grew (working in lingerie creates a new level of shopping addiction).

What is a "Bra-Drobe"?

Your staples! This ranges (if you want to be minimalist) between 7-10 bras that are constant rotation.

Why and How?

One to wash, one to wear, and one to rotate (this is your basic everyday look in a comfy bra that you love). This may be a T-Shirt bra or your favorite allover lace bra or something with seams (we’ll talk about the importance of seams in another post).

Then we have the others…

  • A strapless (YES. There is such thing as a strapless that works, get fitted, you will see the wonders of jumping and your strapless staying put)
  • Your sexy "date bra", for many women this is your staple sexy lacy bra in black or red or any other favorite color.
  • A yoga/sports bra/comfort bra. Everyone’s lifestyle is different when it comes to exercise but this staple is for the days you don't feel like wearing a “regular” bra. Even I have those days as I write this 6.5 months pregnant...most days I wear a bra now out of respect for my coworkers-- I repeat most.
  • A multi-functional bra. This could be a bra with convertible straps or a plunge bra for specific tops/dresses.
  • A push-up bra (not to be confused with your date bra but sometimes is interchangeable). Now if you're over a certain cup size this is UNNECESSARY as your girls kinda do all the work needing the help. However in the case of different sized breasts, it helps to be able to have push up on the side that is smaller. This will help to balance the appearance of your chest.

And with that basic collection, you have all the bras you need for a pretty good collection! Get to building your bra-drobe! (Preferably with us…)



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