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When a Lingerie Addict Becomes Pregnant...

I am 7 months pregnant. Being a pregnant lingerie fanatic… changes your perspective quite a bit.

Growth and Changes...

With my reduction (find out more here), I wasn't sure if my breasts would grow/change and indeed they did. My 32 and 34 bands weren’t cutting it any longer, so 36 it was. The girls seemed to only go up one cup size (nothing crazy.... yet). I'm sure if and when my milk comes in I’ll be seeing some major changes. Already I've felt weird aches & pains and have had strange itchiness in places I didn't think could itch. I take this all as "growing pains".                   


The bras I've always liked wearing has also changed. I am an advocate for a firm bra. Lower on your back, centered and properly fitting in the cups. Dare I say even as a bra fitter... my comfort needs have surpassed how I feel about fit. What I like now? Wireless or just no bra at all...but then working in a office comes into play! Comfort level had to match respecting my professional setting. T-Shirt bras= too firm and felt strange. My typical "comfy" go to style that I would wear when I felt like wearing "nothing" could barely close in the back. 

So on a whim a few months into my many body and belly changes, I put on one of my all time favorites. Thalia from Empreinte is like I just used the world’s finest body butter. I have owned this bra since about 2008 (and I have it in 6 different colors) but this particular one was one of my very firsts, so it’s been lovingly stretched and still in excellent condition. It has been BUTTER. After that success I decided let's try Melody, another favorite by Empreinte. And guess what: ANOTHER WINNER! Any moms out reading this or expecting moms can agree: it’s the little things! The small thing like my favorite bras fitting is what makes me happy right now with all the changes that I have no control over.


Now my outlook on underwear has also changed. Body changes meant I had to adjust styles. Growing belly + expanding hips = regular styles were no longer the norm. Once again comfort is priority and throw in breathability as well. Favorite undies while pregnant you ask? KnockOut's; they're moisture wicking, odor absorbing and pretty! The full panty as well as the thong are great simply all of its benefits and features make these styles worth it. Another brand: COTN; soft basic cotton undies in the full cut brief and the boyshort are amazing. And lastly plus size, tried & true Hanky Panky because of course one size fits all!! 

I've been rolling with the changes as my little one blossoms in my belly and I've been taking all the changes with a grain of salt, adding to the experiences I can share with customers as I commiserate with things they're going through or they've gone through. I'm sure there's more adventure to come in the next 10 weeks. I’ll be sure to update!


The Bra-drobe

The Bra-drobe

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