74 Years Old & Sexy Lingerie....

If you know any of us personally, one of our stand out facts is that we've fitted a lot of people. One of my favorite fitting memories, was a 74 year old Irish woman, who was planning a trip back to Ireland with her husband. They were going to celebrate their 50th anniversary together!

We chatted about her awesome life and tried on quite a few bras. She loved one in particular, a see through lace bra with beautiful threading along the top cup that she requested in white. After fitting her, I could only exclaim at 74 her "girls" were amazing!!

My second exclamation I needed to make was making sure she had exactly what she not only needed for her trip but what she wanted. And that at 74 I wanted to be like her when I grew up. Amazing "girls", 50 years of marriage and all of that energy. Sexy white see through lace bra and all!!

Years later I would purchase that *same set in black just to embrace the spirit of her energy and the fact that it was not just a gorgeous bra but a great fit! I cherished it for years never and it ended up being gifted to our wonderful model for a photo shoot because it made her feel the same way!


*pictured below in black, part of my vintage collection of lingerie*


Kerlyne Hilaire Saintus

The Fitting Curve, LLC, 222 Merrick Road, Rockville Centre, NY, 11570