We do what we do, simply because we love it. We love helping women of all ages, broadening their horizons in the wide world of undergarments and most importantly making them feel confident in something that can normally be shrouded with insecurities.

Why Bras Can Change Lives...

Why Bras Can Change Lives...

When it comes to an awkward puberty phase I was the poster child at 14. Odds were not in my favor: I was not popular, tallest in class, introverted and definitely dorky. I had about a 50" chest, and was a "38EEE" {a size that does not exist in the bra world} according to the evil old ladies at the bra store leaving me self-conscious  about my body, and not comfortable in my own skin. I couldn't dress the way my friends dressed, didn't shop where they shopped and if my mom wasn't a seamstress special occasions and events would have always been a nightmare.

I distinctly remember reading a romance novel and the woman in it having a breast reduction and that reduction changing her life. This got wheels turning...at my very next doctor’s appointment I asked Dr. V "Can I have this surgery? Is this a real thing?" Dr. V replied quite taken aback, "You're being very mature about this, more than most girls your age, I'll look into this and see what we can do..."

6 months later my surgery happened and I was a "normal girl".

Fast forward into adulthood...I had my first real bra fitting at my new job as a bra fit specialist and was told my size was 34F. AN F! What the heck is an F?! Didn't I have a surgery to make me a C cup? Wasn't I a classic 38C/D? I simply couldn’t understand this “mixup”.

Then I was told that an F cup is an average size in the spectrum of sizes. A V E R A G E.

I had a major body altering surgery at a very young age simply because of repeated bad experiences in a fitting room....and then it hit me. If I'd been properly fit in the first place and had a good helpful experience in the fitting room, I would have never been driven to make that decision unless it drastically affected my health.

Bra fitting through the years I've met countless women who've had similar struggles and body image issues. Some moments ended in tears, many hugs and smiles. Some girls have asked me the same question I had at their age; “Do I need this surgery?” (whether to augment or to remove). I would always come back to "I think you should try this bra for a bit and see how you feel. You haven’t had anything that's truly fit you so I think you'll begin to see and feel a difference”.

None of what I shared is to detract from a medical procedure or advice...these are my own experiences. And in my case and many others I've met along the way a bra can fit can truly change your life.

I've made it my personal mission to help where and when I can, because I truly love what I do and have never forgotten that 14 year old girl or the countless women I've met on this journey. I have more stories to tell and will share as I remember.

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