Nursing Bras for the Fuller Figure #4

Time for some sexy! Next up is You! Lingerie. Its founder, Uyo Okebie-Eichelberger (shoutout to another black woman owned biz!) found herself searching for not only affordable but beautiful nursing lingerie.  With tons of research & experience under her belt, You! Lingerie was born (pun intended). All You! Lingerie products feature the brands signature hot pink color - the cotton lining, the nursing clips and the decorative bows, which makes it stand out from other brands!

Initial Try On at 9 months. (super sexy)

  • hen I first put this on while pregnant I needed help getting it on,  at the time my husband had found and moved the extenders that come with the bra which allowed me to breathe once I put it on for actual use.
  • This is one of my prettier bras, super sexy for a nursing bra and fashionable with the fashion placed straps and slightly low cut.

  • Inside cups are hot pink and cotton, soft to the touch and I feel like I could wear it without my nursing pads if I would ever dare try (leaking in public is a real fear ladies).

  • It does have stays and underwire, but the cups were deep enough.

  • I called this bra my date bra, I wore it on my first date out with my husband, it made me feel great, added an extra confidence boost, I'd just given birth to our daughter and “Elise” gave me just that.

  • My only gripe with the fit is the firmness of the bra, without the extenders it was really firm but with a changing body this makes sense over time and use as the bra stretches.

  • For actual usage it was a little stiff pulling down the front cup for nursing, for pumping this was great but during nursing not so much, this was more on my part and has a learning curve with how to position the baby.

  • Overall for a full cup contour nursing bra, I applaud how pretty, fashionable and sexy it is…. As a nursing bra.

Completely filling it out (week 4-5 of nursing)

Winding down this series with a few more brands! Let us know what brands you love if they weren't covered yet! 


Nursing Bras for the Fuller Figure #3

Next up: Elila! Now let me tell you, Elila is one of those brands that I applaud and recommend for the plus size woman. They were created in 2004 and design each piece for the full figure with great materials while still maintaining focus on detail + comfort. One word I think of when it comes to at least the nursing bra I tried: sturdy.

Initial try on at 9 months.

  • Shocker: I look like I  have no boobs in this.

  • I actually really like this bra. Its cotton is comfortable.

  • I felt solid when I was nursing...meaning the sling pushed everything forward so that I could actually nurse. It pushed all the breast tissue into the right spot.

  • Super sturdy I don't feel like it's going to stretch fast and die quickly.

  • Its definitely a strong cotton that hasn't had much give like other bras (bear in mind this is a week 5 update)

  • The only worry I have is that it uses traditional hooks in place for the typical plastic snaps and I feel that over time this will become a weaker point.

Middle of the night feeding time! Engorged boobs...

More to come with several more brands!


Nursing Bras for the Fuller Figure #2

Hotmilk. I will be honest...years ago when I first came across this brand I was taken aback by the company name. It did do it's job and caught not only my attention but the attention of nursing or pregnant women I fit. The brand was created for mothers by mothers, a detail you'd be surprised isn't more common in the nursing and maternity world.  The best thing about Hotmilk is the fashion forward styling of their bras and the overall sexiness that doesn't take away from its comfort. HotMilk can be found in over 25 countries and comes in a variety of sizes

Initial try on at 9 months.

  • This has been comfortable. I've worn it two days straight, the only thing I can say about it is that I love the cotton stretch cotton sling at the top so as I get more engorged it keeps me in, it also does a great job of hiding my breast pads as they move.

  • Obviously pretty!

  • There is a slight drop in fit/firmness as the girls get heavier but still gets the job done.

  • Very much approved by my OBGYN. She was more than impressed with the fit

Definitely fuller (2.5 weeks into nursing)


  • The nightgown and tank have been equally beneficial I wore the nightgown straight from the hospital for about 2-3 days.

  • In regards to the nightgown...(other than ease of access for nursing) its shortness, which I thought was bad at first makes crazy restroom trips much easier than pants or a longer gown. Keep in mind I'm about 6' tall so I thought that the gown being short would be a hindrance. Pleasantly surprised!
  • The nursing tank is a lifesaver, easy access, an awesome piece to live in! Cotton of course and I have it in Navy blue, I almost wished I had it in about six colors to wear interchangeably every single day.

  • It has a sling which you have to make sure you position a little close to your chest.

Initial try on at 9 months